Android Security Applications to keep your Mobile Safe

For many people in this world, Android phone will be their life. It will be storing some contacts, emails, text messages, pictures, videos, audios, movies and other important files. Some of your Android phone also contains company’s secret, financial information or perhaps more important, customers’ private information. Therefore keeping all important files in Android device is very important. Do you know how to keep the data safe in your Android device? Well, if not no need to worry. This article gives you the best solution on Android Security applications to keep your mobile safe.

One of the easiest method to keep the data safe in your Android device is by setting a screen lock with a PIN, password or pattern. Every time when you turn on your device or wake up the screen, you will be asked to unlock your device. To do this you have to go to Settings > Security > Screen lock.

Be sure that location services and the Bluetooth should not be turned on when it is not in use as the applications can use lots of location data without your knowledge. Since this Bluetooth is constantly transmitting your devices’ location and presence, it is easy for the hackers to use it to gain access and extract any kind of information found on your device.

And before you sell or give away your Android device, take a backup of all the important files and then you erase all its content and settings. This prevents others from accessing your important data on Android device.

It is also suggested to install only the trusted market applications. Never try to install the applications from other sources unless it is not secure. Do not download the apps which are offered to your through email, text messages or web links. Never install the applications that are offered on pop-ups from third-party websites. By following these precautions, you can avoid installation of malwares that are hiding in untrusted apps.

AVG is other antivirus application that has earned top honors among free antivirus offerings in PC -Wolrd’s real-world malware attack tests. This free applications scans the apps, files and the emails attachments for malware and viruses It helps you to track down your missing device and then display its location on Google Maps and lets you to lock and wipe your device remotely.