Application to Find What’s Eating Up Your Hard Drive

Here we are discussing about the Hard Disk Drive of your computer, usually all the tools, files and other items which you use on your system gets saved in your Hard Disk Drive. If you are using 500 GB Hard Disk Drive which is commonly used by all user, when your Hard Disk Drive gets almost full or become unreadable then you can search for how to recover a unreadable Hard Drive and decide to check which is eating up your Hard drive of your system. To check the memory space allocated we need to use some advanced tool on your computer which is compactable on both Mac and Windows OS.

Now let us discuss about 5 utilities which help us to find which application or files eating up the Hard Drive of the computer:

Disk App:

This is the best application where we can che3ck and delete the unused files from your Hard Disk Drive. When you launch the application, you get a round circle which is divided in 8 parts, first you can see the browsed data: when you browse on your computer then all the cache gets saved on your system. Secondly, in shows mail downloads: if you have downloaded some files from mailbox then all the files size will be displayed here, third downloads: here whatever you download on your computer Hard Disk Drive gets saved. Similarly, the tools and files which has been occupied your Hard Drive space will be shown her, and using this application you can easily clean the unused or unwanted files and cache from your Hard Drive of your computer.

Disk Inspector:

This application keeps an eye on all the files saved on your Hard Drive and represent it with a graphical form. When you select play option, it starts scanning your Hard Disk Drive and after the scanning, it shows where the large files are saved / hidden which can be easily recognized and can be deleted if it is not so important.

Disk Graphic:

As the name says it displays the files in the graphical form which can be erase with easy. It not like any other tool, it won’t automatically find the installed or mounted drives. When we scan the Hard Disk Drive it shows all the drive available space and amount of space occupied by each files and tool in graphical format.

HD Cleaner:

With the help of this application you can quickly and effectively scan the folders where there are hidden files which is not necessary for you, it works on your home folder but each time when you open the application it promote to select it, which is an extra unnecessary step.

Daisy Disk:

This application is most powerful application which can be used to find the disk space allocated on your Hard Disk Drive. It scans your drive quickly than any other application and represent result in gorgeous graphical interface of your drive and also easily allocates the large files which will blockage your drive.