Common Issues and Solution After macOS Sierra Update

recover mac sierraIt is expected that every Mac users are upgraded to the latest macOS Sierra. The upgrade consists of number of advantages with few problem. In this article, we are going to discuss about the common issues and solution to fix them easily. Let’s have a view:

Apps get damaged and can’t be opened on Sierra

It is quite common that apps get damaged and cannot be opened on macOS Sierra. You can fix this issue with few simple steps. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Empty entire cache with the Finder Window. In the Go menu choose Go To Folder and press double click to open that folder. Empty the folder by deleting all the files.
  2. You can also fix the issue with Security and Privacy system preference. Go to Security and Privacy > Allow Application
  3. It can be fixed with resetting of PRAM. First shut down the Mac system and now reboot the system. Hold Command, Option, P and R until with the sound of startup. You need to hold these button until you again hear the same sound.

Fans keeps running every time

Few users found that after installing macOS Sierra, the fans in laptop or desktop is continuously running. However, it is beneficial for you as it keep the computer’s component cool so that minimum damage would happen. But it is really annoying for users when sound is constantly coming out of the device. After installation of Sierra, there is rise in temperature so we are here with solution. First you need to back up all the files from hard drive which may be helpful in case of disaster. Few things that may be helpful:

  1. Don’t open too many apps at a time
  2. Close all app which are not necessary
  3. Use bookmarking in place of using multiple tabs

Sometimes System Crawls after macOS Sierra Update

Some of the users observe that system become slow after installation of macOS Sierra. It is possible to fix this issue so follow the steps:

  1. Reduce the RAM usage so try to open the apps which are necessary at that time and close unnecessary immediately.
  2. In case of failure of first step, you can also perform resetting of PRAM mentioned above. Just follow same steps and get the results.
  3. Repair Disk Permission would be last option which may have impact on the problem. In case, all the steps are unable to fix the issue then you need to employ third party tool to recover data from Mac Sierra.

In order to update macOS Sierra without losing data, you need to use reliable third party software. With the use of software, you can also recover lost data due to various scenarios.