Different ways to Access the Boot Options menu on Windows 10 0r 8 systems

The Windows Boot menu offers set of repair options to change the startup behavior of your computer. It is much useful when your system runs into troubles. By booting the device in safe mode you can get into the recovery environment and perform repair tasks. Now if you are interested in knowing how to get into boot options menu on Windows 10/8.x PC’s then here you go-

Method 1: Hold down the Shift button upon restart

Instead of navigating through the settings and getting into boot options, there are faster ways to access it. As you Restart or shut down the PC simply hold down the Shift key. This even works when you are not logged into your PC. Thereafter, in the menu you can access set if options to reset your Windows computer. You also got the option to fix the computer problems. At such a point, click on the Advanced option and choose Troubleshoot option. You can also choose among Refresh your PC or Reset your PC. You can check out the Startup settings. Then on, you will see a list of options displayed when you restart the computer. You could access the options among the list using the function keys. For instance, to launch the recovery environment, press son F10 key.

Method 2: Via Settings

Hold down Windows key + I and open the PC Settings.

  • On Windows 8: Go to the General tab and choose Restart option available under the Advanced Setup.
  • On Windows 10: Go to Update and Security option under the Settings. Choose the Recovery menu and then click on Advanced Startup option.

Method 3: Using the Command Prompt

Open the command prompt window and execute the command – shutdown.exe /r /o. Windows will then continue to reboot, you can then get into boot options and troubleshoot the PC.