Excellent Tool to Repair MOV on Mac

Watching videos of your graduation or an adventurous vacation or wedding celebrations is so much fun because it brings back to mind the pleasant memories. One day when you planned to watch one of those videos on QuickTime on your Mac machine, you were unable to play the MOV video. That moment when your lovable video doesn’t play and shows up error messages can be really distressing! No one would ever like to have such corrupt video file. If you are one among them searching for a solution to fix corrupt video then we have a right solution. Read this article completely….,

Nothing can be more distressing than having a corrupt MOV video; it can be your wedding video or a clip shot when you were on vacation. Sometimes, due to some unavoidable instances your favorite video can become corrupt and may not play on any media players. Nevertheless, you still have quite good chances of making your corrupt MOV playable again.

Know some situations that cause MOV video corruption…

  • If certain files downloaded from the internet contain virus, they may infect the MOV files stored in the hard drive which leads to corruption of the files.
  • During MOV video file transfer is in progress unexpected removal of memory card from storage device that is connected to the system may lead to corruption of the file.
  • With the incompatibility of the MOV files with different players leads to the corruption of the video files.
  • Other reasons that might corrupt MOV video files include improper handling of the devices, malfunctioning of the application, damaged MOV file header, etc.

In all such situations your MOV file might get corrupt and become unplayable. Some of the indications of MOV video corruptions include audio video synchronization issues, codec issues and many more. At times you may get error messages while playing or when accessing the video; specifically when trying to play the videos on Mac using QuickTime player, an error 2048 would show up.

Remo has designed MOV repair tool for repairing MOV on Mac in a simple and easy way. With the assistance of Remo Repair MOV tool you could easily fix all sorts of issues on your MOV that makes it unplayable in just simple steps.

How Remo Repair MOV repairs damaged MOV video files?

Your MOV video might have got corrupted due to any reason, but Remo Repair MOV software repairs it in a secure way using its read-only mechanism. In the process the software never edits or damages your original MOV, it just extracts data from it and then starts fixing unplayable video by separating out both audio and video streams. Later, it adjoins both streams to create a new healthy file.

Also, not just MOV, the software fixes even your MP4 files on Mac and Windows OS of all latest versions. It can repair MOV and MP4 videos shot on iPhones, camera, camcorder etc. This software works effectively to repair MOV videos created on any camera bands like Canon, Kodak, GoPro, Minolta, Olympus and many more.

Other significant features of Remo Repair MOV

  • Apart from MOV video repair, tool is capable of repairing MP4 files in Mac and Windows systems.
  • Easy and secure solution to repair MOV videos on Windows and Mac systems.
  • Fixes Quick time video files that are corrupt and unplayable.
  • Provides “Preview” option to view repaired video before saving it.
  • Large sized corrupt MOV files can be fixed on Windows and Mac OS with the help of this software.

Tips to be followed for avoiding corruption:

  • Maintain backup of all the important files.
  • Use powerful antivirus tools.
  • Play video files in more reliable media players only.