Fix RAR Files

Check out some scenarios which you may have faced:

Case1: The files which was compressed through RAR format is not opening.

Case2: When you try extracting some information from RAR files it shows Read Error and the file stops working.

Have you ever been in such a frightful situation? Or have you ever thought of your RAR files being damaged? RAR file contain lots of files compressed inside a single file. Read Error is an error which usually occurs when the .rar file is truncated and if the file is not opening, can be a case of file damage due to some reasons. Don’t get depressed, because you are in a situation where you are unable to access your RAR files. There is an efficient way through which you can repair WinRAR files. So, in order to repair RAR file you can go for Remo Repair which renders their service to repair RAR files in a simple manner. The application provides a variety of services like repairing corrupt or damaged RAR file without any data loss.

About Remo Repair Software:

Remo Repair is a powerful tool in repairing RAR files and it is an extremely user friendly wizard. Software has lot of characteristics which puts the users in a tension free zone.

  • It is having an algorithm which repair all kinds of RAR files within short interval of time.

  • The application repairs relentlessly corrupt or damaged RAR files.

  • All versions of RAR files like (v2.0,v2.9,v5.0) are supported by Remo Repair toolkit.

  • Software can crack and fix password protected RAR files.

  • It can repair huge RAR files having a memory more than 4GB.

  • Needs only a very less disk space of 50MB for installing.

  • Repaired files can be saved in any of the storage device like hard disk.

  • Round the clock service for technical assistance related to software issues is provided to the end users.

Added features of Remo Repair

  • Preview” choice in the application helps to view the repaired RAR content before it gets stored to user defined loaction. 

  • The advantage of “Save Recovery Session” is that it saves your precious time as it skips rescanning of the drive.

RAR file is one of the archive which is used to compress files in an orderly manner. RAR file format is the basic format of WinRAR application and RAR stands for Roshal ARchive files. The file format of RAR file is .rar. There are many reasons by which RAR file gets corrupted or damaged, some of the issues are:

Intense virus attack on the Windows system which makes all the files including RAR files to get corrupted. Another reason can be interruption like switching off the system or closing Window while accessing the RAR file. Usage of untrusted third party tools while creating a .rar file can also lead to damage of RAR file. So by using the Remo Repair utility you can be in a relaxed condition, since you know about the utility which can fix and store your RAR files.


  • In your Windows computer, you should have trustworthy anti-virus program by which you can be relaxed about the virus infection in your system.

  • Avoid interruptions while downloading and creating an RAR file.

  • Avoid power failures by using a good UPS system.

  • In addition, use good third party applications for creating a RAR file.