How Driverless Cars Operate safely?

Google introduced their self driving car with the automated-steering and provide very loose frameworks for an autonomous car. The advancement in artificial intelligence allows Google to developed the new driverless car by which you don’t have to worry about road accidents, distraction, or seemingly far-off to the futuristic to actually happen.

The technology behind Google’s driverless car:

The technology used in Google’s autonomous cars is very much similar to present technology that is already found on roads and various different applications. The new Google’s car is very much safe and contains all hardware tested.

How many sensors does the self driving car have?

The driverless car includes various different kinds of sensors to monitor and drive safely on the roads without any disasters.

  • Laser range finder: This is a camera that rotates and build up a 3D map to measure the distance of the objects to know how far it is rom the moving vehicle letting the car to see the hazards.
  • Front camera: A standard camera that points via windscreen and also looks for nearby hazards like cyclists, pedestrians and different motorists, able to read road signals and traffic light can also be detected with the set of eyes.
  • Bumper-mounted radar: It helps to keep track of various types of vehicles in front and behind the car to control it providing safety.
  • Aerial: This is externally connected to the car that is able to receive geo-location information through GPS satellite and to monitor the car’s movement an ultrasonic sensor on one of the rear wheels is used.

Apart from these to give fine accurate data to operate the car safely it internally has altimeters, gyroscopes and a tachometer which gives exact measurement of the car’s position.

Working of Google driverless car:

Only sensors used in Google car doesn’t make autonomous car to work because the GPS date which is used to control the car on the road is not accurate. Rather the Google’s self-driving car data from all the sensors present on this driverless card is used that is interpreted by the software to keep it safe. Google’s software receives data that is used to find various road users, their behaviour and give the flexible space to operate effectively.