How to Increase SD Card Speed and Performance

Do you want to know how to increase the read / write speed of your SD card? As speeding up your SD card can be helpful for loading your applications smoothly. We would like to tell you that by default the speed of most Android SD card write speeds are set to 128KB.  So, for this reason, we need to boost up the speed on reading and writing to this SD card. We need to alter the read ahead cache the file /sys/ devices/virtual/bdi/179:0/read_ahead_kb must be opened that too with write-permission. But unfortunately, there is no way around of getting the write permissions. The SD card needs are remounted in read/write along with the rooted device.

What you can do??

  • You should open Android Market and search for SD Booster
  • After that, you need to set the cache size, if you have custom ROM installed which is already higher in value
  • Generally, the good value ranges from 1024 or 2048KB. You can Apply on these settings and you will be asked super user privileges

Test Speed

Now you can test the settings by opening your favorite apps by taking few photos and videos. Simultaneously you can download SD card speed tester. If you notice that everything is running ok, then you can try increasing the cache again. In this way, speed test helps in checking the difference between the applications. Thus, when you are done with the best setting, go back to the SD-Booster app and clarify the box is set for Boot or not. This shall be done so as to save the updated settings otherwise the settings will go back to the default every time and device is rebooted.

If you are experiencing few missing files then it could be the result of SD card corruption. Since the SD card is traveled from one device to another you may need a quick solution on how to recover a corrupted SD card with the help of commercial software. The application provides interactive and handy steps for retrieving back the missing files in minutes.