How to Maintain an External Hard Drive in Good Condition?

Day-by-day the data stored on computer keeps multiplying and the internal storage won’t be sufficient enough. Thus its common for people to depend on external hard drives to store data. However, as the external hard drives are portable, they need to be handled with extra care. Therefore, this post will highlight a few key points and measures that you need to undertake to protect the hard drive so that it lasts longer.

Taking care of external hard drives

  • Keep your external hard disk away from the dust. The dirt particle layers may eventually build-up on the drive and cause heat insulation. This could, in turn, degrade the hard drive and its associated components. Clean the case of the hard drive once in a while with a damp cloth to ensure that the device is dirt-free
  • Power surges can easily damage electrical components and lead to inaccessibility of drives. The basic and the foremost step you need to pledge on to protect an external hard drive is to opt for a surge protector. A surge protector will divert excess voltage into the ground and thereby prevent potential damage on your portable drive. In case, if you notice that any of your data is missing from the drive due to power surge issue, then you can make use of Remo data recovery software. This tool will help you restore lost/deleted data instantly
  • Whenever you mount the hard drive, make sure it does not make any sort of clicking noise. The hard disk should be preferably plugged in horizontally/ vertically. Otherwise, the disk would get damaged or may wear out gradually. In case, you have mounted the external drive incorrectly, then unplug and remount it
  • Although you take care of the external hard drive with utmost care, you never know when the virus and other harmful threats may destroy it. Thus it’s advised that you often create multiple backup copies of the files on several devices. So, in the time of disaster, your backup copies would become handy


Hope this post helped you to know how to take care of portable external hard drive. The simplest steps mentioned in this post will increase the lifespan of the drive a longer and makes it durable.