How to Set Up Touch on iPhone 6s

About 3D Touch

The 3D Touch is a unique feature of iPhone 6s that set them apart from various iOS devices. It is a new way that can sense differences in pressure for screen touches and taps and create some shortcuts by which you can move very quickly via your iPhone 6s interface. Like other iOS device settings, you can also customized and disable 3D Touch if needed.

How to adjust sensitivity in iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch?

By default the 3D Touch is enable and set to “medium” firmness. Though, if it is very easy or difficult, you have an option to adjust it according to your requirements or you can even disable it completely. These both options are necessary for accessibility. Follow the below listed instructions to adjust the pressure sensitivity levels.

  • First, select “Settings” icon on your iPhone 6s home screen.
  • Scroll down the home screen of iPhone and Tap General.
  • Then click on Tap Accessibility.
  • After that Tap 3D Touch. Here you can modify pressure sensitivity levels by moving 3D Touch from Medium to either Light or Firm.

How to enable or disable 3D Touch?

If you have just brought your new iPhone 6s or people who already owned iPhones then one of the most important thing to do is setup Touch ID. By using these feature you can unlock your device by simply placing your finger on the Home button. If you are not happy or if you have interactivity impairment then you can easily turn off 3D Touch in Accessibility Settings. Perform the below mentioned steps to disable 3D Touch on your iPhone device:

  • Start by tapping Settings from your Home screen.
  • Then scroll down and select General.
  • You need to tap Accessibility option.
  • Finally, click 3D Touch and tap to OFF.

To enable 3D Touch on iPhone 6s, just switch to ON and follow the same instructions as said above.