How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

The iPod is a small electronic portable media players and it is popularly known as multi-purpose pocket computers that is developed and released by Apple Inc. It was released on October 23, 2001, and after few months iTunes for Macintosh version was introduced. Even iTunes are used to play and listen audio clips or music libraries. The latest and advanced model of iPod was redesigned and announced in the year 2015 with updated functions. Currently there are three different models of the iPod are available in the market they are the touchscreen iPod Touch, the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle, and the compact iPod Nano.

Most of the people in this world prefer to listen music in their free time. iPod is the best option to listen music while travelling for long drive. Suppose, if Apple iPod gets crashes then user may loss all audio and video files in such situations users need to keep a backup of favorite music files in their computer. So in order to add or move some favorite audio files from iPod to personal computer need to follow some procedure.

How to transfer music files from iPod to Mac computer?

Step 1: First, user need to connect their iPod to Mac and have to launch iTunes. Next, in the iPod management window, scroll down for “Options” and check mark “Enable disk use” option,   iTunes will encounter with warning just select “OK” button.

Step 2: Now, iPod will be ready to use as drive on computer desktop. But prior to access its files, you have to download and install a software known as “Houdini”. It is used to view the audio folder that’s routinely hidden by Apple.

Step 3: In the next stage, open “Houdini” program and click on “Folders” then select “Reveal.” Locate your iPod path and then open “iPod controls” highlight the “Music,” option and click on “Choose” option.

Step 4: Now in your iPod folder, highpoint all the folders and drag them into required folder on Mac hard drive/volume. This may take few minutes depending up on the size of the music files.

Once the highlighted files are copied, you have successfully moved all the music files. But, you’ll encounter that all the audio files have four-letter names and are distributed among many folders. Just ignore it nothing to worry and once you significance all music into iTunes media player or any media player, the player may restore all the titles of the audio files.

Caution: Sometimes, iPod may get damaged due to various scenarios if you like to view the corruption issues then follow the link here.