Method to Check Your Hard Drive Health

In your computer the data which you want to save are gets stored on your hard disk drive, if it gets damage or corrupted then your data gets lost. As we all know Hard Drive has very less life span later it might get corrupted or damaged so you need to keep the backup of the data present in Hard Drive because if anything happens to your Hard Drive then we can perform retrieving data from dead Hard Drive. Also you need to check the heath of your computer Hard Drive frequently and if some issues arising then using some advanced tool you need to solve those issues of Hard Drive and protect data from data loss.

Here we are explaining the method to check your Hard Drive health on your computer:

Make use of WMIC:

It is the command line interface which allow you to perform many administrative tasks on your computer, like checking of hard drive health. It uses Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology feature to see the status and gives simple conclusion of Hard drive like “Ok” or “Pred Fail”.

To perform this method, in start option, you need to select Run and there you need to enter cmd and choose ok. You can see command prompt now, there you need to enter WMIC and click on enter. Later enter disk drive get status and select enter key so that you see the status of the hard drive.

Windows CHKDHK application:

Windows CHKDHK application is the in-built tool provided by the Windows, using this we can scan the entire Hard drive and it displays the error and bad sectors if it is present in Hard Drive. It has the capacity to perform both scanning and solving the problems arises in hard drive and if there is any big issue with cannot able to fix by it then it will notify us.

To use Windows CHKDHK, first you need to right click on the drive you need to check the health and go to the properties, there you need to select tools and choose check now option. If both option available in check now dialog box is checked then you need to select start option to begin the scanning and fixing process.

Using Third Party Hard Drive health checkup application:

When you cannot able to check the health of your computer Hard Drive from above mention two methods then finally you need to use some third party tool to check the health of the hard drive which is more effective and has ability to scan and fix the issues of Hard Drive without any difficulty. Application should be compactable on all Operating System and should not face any type of issues while performing health checkup of the Hard Drive on your computer