New Methods for More Energy-Efficient Internet Services

Internet services: An Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that offers services for accessing, participating or using in the Internet. Internet service providers may be organized in different forms, including non-profit, commercial, community-owned, or otherwise privately owned. Internet services classically allowed by Internet Service Providers such as Internet access, domain name registration, colocation, Internet transit, web hosting, and Usenet service.

The Internet was introduced as a network among government research laboratories and participating departments in the late 1980s, a process was set in location towards public, commercial use of an Internet. The outstanding limits were removed in the year 1995, after that World Wide Web introduced.

There are some of the examples which are very familiar for many internet users. Millions of computer user are using various internet services including Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook every day. This will keep on increasing the internet usage by day by day and the information is created by more than one billion people entails large data centers with row after row of servers, requiring huge amount of space, electricity and cooling. The dissertation introduces methods and techniques to efficiently use the servers in the data centers, so that load can be served with fewer resources.

New methods form more energy:

  • “It could be optimized scheduling systems packing several software components into a few servers in a way that makes full use of processors, memory, bandwidth, network capacity and other resources. In this way, energy efficiency can be improved reducing the negative environmental impact, and at the same time reducing operational costs,” says Mina Sedaghat.
  • Korean pop-video, Gangnam Style, available on YouTube has created a hip with 2.5 billion viewers that leads in a huge power consumption of more than 400 GWh. If, in worst case, the electricity to serve such a demand is produced by diesel, it would mean that more than 250,000 tons of CO2 would be produced, which is equivalent to over 100,000 cars per year.
  • The research important to Sedaghat’s dissertation has been lead in collaboration with many multiple national companies at Google Inc., in Sweden.
  • Lots of people prefer to use the internet, which needs huge data/information centers and results in an enormous energy consumption. Scientists have now designed a new techniques and algorithms in order to handle and maintain the resources in these large data centers at effective lower cost, with greater efficiently, and more reliability.