Partition Recovery Tool to Recover Missing or Erased Partitions on Windows

What is partition?

Partition is nothing but splitting up of hard disk storage space into multiple sections. Each chunk of the drive is treated by the Windows OS as an independent logical drive. Various file systems can be used on each partition to increase disk efficiency.

What happens after partition loss?

After partition loss, whether it is recognized by system or not, depends on its partition table. If partition table is corrupted due to some infected malicious programs or unintentionally deleted by the user, you will not see the drive you need. In fact, the data in the disk is not actually lost. Using reliable lost partition recovery tool you can get back lost partitions effectively only if disk contents is not overwritten. Adopt Remo Recover utility which will resolved this issue in just matter of minutes.

Common causes behind partition loss or deletion on Windows system:

Partitioning may be mistakenly erased or removed from the drive. Many times due to this partition problem your computer may be disabled. If a disk partition containing any valuable information is damaged by the system malfunction or by a dangerous viruses. When the Operating System is not able to access disk drive or an important document, all these may lead to data loss. Few factors are listed below:

  • To reduce or enhanced the size of HDD partitions which increases disk efficiency by using some unreliable tool. If any interruption occurs during this process then there are chances for partition deletion.
  • Unintentionally deleting drive partition while re-sizing by Disk Management Utility in Windows result in data loss.
  • If partition table is corrupted due to unknown reasons, then it leads to partition lost resulting huge data loss.

There are various other reasons for losing partitions such as power loss, aged drive, MBR corrupt, incorrect re-partitioning process and so on. By employing Remo Recover utility you can restore loss partitions very easily, because it has been designed by a group of high skilled experts. It is equipped with powerful scanning techniques that assist in recovering missing partitions with greater flexibility.

Advanced features of Remo Recover software:

Remo Recover program restores data from deleted and lost partitions on different platforms of Windows. It is capable of recovering multimedia files, ZIP files, etc. from the lost partitions. Recovers data from different file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc. without any complications.

This application can undelete data from formatted, corrupted, RAID partitions. It aid you to find partitions from different drive interfaces such as IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc. Easy retrieval of partitions data from both internal and external hard disks of various brands. In addition to lost partition recovery, it can recover files from different portable devices like SD cards, USB drives, iPod’s, camcorders, pen drives, etc. Once partition recovery process is completed, it allows you to preview recovered data before purchasing the licensed version.

Precautions to avoid losing partitions in the hard drive:

  • To avoid data loss caused due to power failure connect a UPS to your system.
  • Install and update the anti-virus on your system so that it can scan and store files on your hard drive periodically.
  • Take a routine back up of your vital files stored in the hard drive.
  • Avoid turning your computer abruptly.