Retrieve Deleted Partition on Windows

What does Partitioning mean?

Hard drive can be fragmented into multiple logical drives on computers. The classification of those drives is called as partitions. Partitioning is sorting out a huge storage into isolated divisions in order to arrange the data in a structured approach. Apart from that, partitioning the storage space will improve efficiency of the disk.

There are many instances where people are facing data loss scenarios from their hard disks. There are different causes behind this due to which you may lose data from hard drive. Typically, it has seen many times that user may format or delete partition or drive unknowingly. And in some cases, users may not even aware of how partition is lost from the disk.

But one cannot easily afford a lost partition since it may hold vital data. However, you can easily restore deleted partition using the most trustworthy and result centered application called Remo Recover Software and it is broadly used tool to restore deleted partition.

General Reasons behind Partition Deletion on Windows:

Usage of Third Party Apps: Of course, there are varieties of tools available to reduce and lengthen the size of hard drive partitions. If you use an unreliable app for partitioning and while carrying the process, if something goes wrong, then there are chances for partition deletion.

Accidental Deletion: Usually when you want to resize your drive, you will use the Disk Management Utility in Windows. But sometimes unfortunately you may accidentally delete the partition.

Partition Table Corruption: Partition Table stores the information and details about the partition in the system, so if it gets corrupted due to any reason, then your hard disk partitions may go missing from it which results in huge data loss.

Other Reasons:  Apart from the above mentioned reasons, other reasons for partition deletion are abrupt power failure, aging of drive, MBR corruption, formation of bad sectors, wrong re-partitioning process, and so on.

Regardless of these causes, you can easily recover lost or deleted partitions using the most ideal utility named as Remo Recover software. Remo Recover Tool is specially designed to bring back lost or deleted partition on Windows systems by using its commanding scanning algorithm in few easy steps. It is a non destructive program, which means it does not harm (alter or modify) the original content of the files while recovering partition.

Remarkable Features of Remo Recover Utility:

  • The tool is able return data from formatted partitions, even after errors in rebooting or even when the hard drive is crashed or fails to boot.
  • It has compatible in getting back files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions / drives.
  • This tool conjointly restores deleted or lost partitions and files from formatted, damaged drives.
  • It has potential to trace and rescue all types of files including pictures, audios, documents, videos, RAW photo files, etc.
  • It has the capability of developing Disk Images to avoid bad sectors; so that you can later recover data from these disk images.

Apart from above mentioned features it recovers your data proficiently. Hence this is the best tool to recover deleted partition. You can download the demo version of this utility and evaluate results. You can buy its licensed version to save recovered data to any desired location.