Retrieve Folder on Mac

“Hi I have recently bought a Macintosh system and I am new to Mac OS X. So I am little bit confused in using the Mac. But somehow I transferred all my data from the old system to Mac. Yesterday I was doing some random operations on it and I accidentally deleted an important folder from OS X. But I need that folder desperately. So friends, is there any way to get back that folder from my Mac system. Please suggest and tell me the procedure to restore.”

Mac gives an excellent look and feel experience to the users. And it’s most advanced and secured features make it crazier among people. Of course every great invention will also have flaws in it, Mac also nowhere exempted from it. Any advanced gadget in the world can have a problem of data loss from it due to several reasons such as human errors like accidental deletion, formatting etc.

But since every problem will have its own solution, there is also a great solution for data loss from Mac system. Yes! You read it right. You can restore deleted or lost folders form your Mac system using data recovery tools that are abundantly available in online. Among all Remo Recover Mac will stand at peak because of its highly advanced features. Before knowing those features let’s see some of the general reasons behind data loss from Mac system.

  • Emptying the Trash Bin: Sometimes people will empty the Trash without checking that whether any useful files are folders are residing in it which causes deletion of data forever.
  • Deleting Hard Drive Volumes: At times, people will accidentally or unintentionally deletes folders in volumes instead of deleting some external drive data.
  • Journal File Corruption: Due to corruption in journal file also lead to loss of data or folders from your Macintosh.
  • Third Party Apps: You may have installed some third party applications in your Mac. Those applications may have access to your files and folders that are stored in your system. So there is a chance of deletion of data by those apps.

Whatever may be the reason behind loss of folder from Mac but Remo Recover Mac can help to perform folder recovery Mac efficiently.

Foremost Features of Remo Recover Mac:

  • Have the capability of retrieving data which is deleted using “Command-Shift-Delete” keys combination.
  • Provides quick and safe recovery of data from your Mac system.
  • Supports restoration of data from HFS, HFS+ and also ExFAT based file systems.
  • Smoothes the process of recovery by allowing the user to sort out and view the retrieved files based on file type, name, date and size.
  • Able to restore different file formats which includes images, videos, audios, documents and many more over 300 file formats.

Procedure to Recover Deleted /Lost Folders on Mac:

  • Download and Install the Demo Version of the Remo Recover Mac Software.
  • Select the “Recover Files” that appears on the screen.
  • In the next screen choose “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” from which data needs to be recovered.
  • Then the tool will allow you to choose the Mac drive in which you need to rescue data from and hit on “Next”.
  • The tool triggers the process of scanning the drive t find the deleted or lost folders and allows you to preview those recovered folders or files.
  • If you are satisfied with the retrieved results you save those files after purchasing the software.