Safest Tool for Recovering Files after System Restore on Windows 7

“Hello everyone, recently, as my system is working very slow I performed system restore of Windows 7 on my computer instead of reinstalling a new OS. Before performing this operation unfortunately I forgot to take back-up of files. Finally, I lost lot of confidential files that are stored in my computer. Now I must find a way to recover files after system restore Windows 7. Please help me out to find recovery software as those files are badly important for me. Thank you in advance.”

Windows 7 OS is enabled with a feature of system restore which will allow users to roll back their system settings to original i.e. earlier settings and even it destroys all files which are created recently and stores them in documents library folder. Many users choose this option to attain previous performance of system and complete system configuration that was set earlier. But going with this option in system, users may also lose their valuable files which are created recently.

However, those files can be easily restored with the help of third party file recovery application like Remo Recover. This application has potent to recover all types of files such as documents, notes, text, PPT, and other various files. In addition, application rich in user interface that makes both novice and professional users to attain successful data restoration after system restore.

Details about Remo Recover Windows:

One of the most suitable data retrieval software used to recovering files after system restore on Windows 7 is Remo Recover Windows. This application is a safe and read-only data restoration program. Hence there is no risk to your privacy and no damage to your files stored in Windows. This utility can regain missing files after restoring Windows 7 system under various situations like accidental file deletion, incorrect partition, virus intrusion, accidental format, Windows HDD crash and even file loss during system reinstallation. It can rescue MS Office files, media files, application files, compressed files and many more from Windows 7 computer after system restore.

One can also recover data after reinstalling Windows 7 OS, formatting or reformatting Windows 7 hard drive, improper up-gradation of Windows 7 operating system, etc. You can also bring back deleted as well as lost files from external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, SSD drives, etc. Equivalent to Windows 7 OS, this software is capable of recovering data from PC or laptop working with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Some other common situation where Remo recover software is helpful:

  • Improper or sudden shutdown during file transfer may lead to data loss from Windows system.
  • Bad sector is created because of scratches that are caused by abnormal stalling and freezing of the Windows PC causing inaccessibility of data.
  • While creating a new partition in Windows system or dual OS boot installation, partitioning error can occur, this can cause file system corruption leading to data loss.

You can employ this Remo recover toolkit to rescue files that were lost or deleted caused because of above mentioned scenarios or others. Therefore you need not to be worried about this issue of data loss from Windows as long as you have this Remo recover program.


  • Don’t store new files on Windows 7 PC after system restore to avoid data overwriting.
  • Maintain backup of most essential files in any reliable external storage devices.
  • Give preference to use updated anti-virus software on Windows 7 computer to avoid harmful virus attack.