Simple Method to Rescue Data from iBall Pen drive

A pen drive is a storage device that stores data which includes flash memory with an integrated USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. You must be very careful in handling these pen drives because chances are there for losing your data as these drives can be easily plugged and unplugged to your systems.

To elaborate the cause of such an incident let us consider the scenario mentioned here, you want to transfer some of the data from the iBall pen drive to your system. While it is still processing if you remove the pen drive abruptly without following the correct method of removal of drive from the system then the chances are there to lose your important data from the flash drive.

This may result in corruption of flash drive and the data becomes inaccessible. At this situation you will be just helpless and be thinking of how to recover corrupted flash drive which contains your important files. There may be many more such possibilities of losing your data from the iBall pen drive. Some of them are mentioned here

Scenarios for loss of data from the iBall pen drive

  • Accidental deletion– You may delete some of your files from the flash drive accidently and those file will bypass the Recycle Bin resulting in data loss as it cannot restore the deleted files from the Recycle Bin.
  • Formatting of the flash drive– If you format the flash drive unintentionally without taking the back up of the data stored on them then it results in loss of data and makes inaccessible.
  • Power Surge– While transferring the any data from the flash drive to your system suddenly if the power surge happens then it data stored in the flash drive may get corrupted.
  • File System corruption– While performing the cut and paste operation to move the data from flash drive to other drive it should not be interrupted. If this process is interrupted then you may lose the data being transferred.

There may several other reasons as which may result in loss of data from your pen drive. Sometimes an error messages may also be displayed from the system stating that drive not recognized when you plug the drive to the USB port. Remo Recover software supports in various methods to recover bad flash drive by restoring all your lost data. This utility is advanced built with special algorithm to scan your flash drive for retrieving lost or inaccessible files when it gets unrecognized after connected by your system.

Salient features Remo Recover:

  • This software has the capacity to restore around 280 file types like Word file, media files, RAW photo files, zip archives etc. based on their unique signatures.
  • This utility supports to recover files from corrupted flash drive after accidental deletion, formatting, loss of data due to power surge etc. and other reasons.
  • It has the ability to recover data on several popular brands like Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, Lexar, SanDisk etc.
  • It scans the complete flash drive within a few minutes to restore corrupted flash drive on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Remo Recover Windows tool could be one of the most useful iBall pen drive data recovery software which has the ability to recover corrupted flash drive and also recover Bad Flash Drive which may cause because of various reasons.