Steps to Configure Time Capsule as an Ethernet

In order to fix a static private address to the Time Capsule and other static private address on the Ethernet to the same network, you need to follow the given steps mentioned below. You can use WAN port instead of LAN port where the ethernet adapter would receive an address.

Follow the given steps in order to configure Time Capsule as an ethernet:

  • First of all, plug the Ethernet cable to the LAN port on your Mac device.
  • Launch the Airport Utility and if the Time Capsule doesn’t appear in graphic lay out or while clicking on other Wi-Fi devices in the top left then perform factory reset.
  • Choose Time Capsule and press on Edit button.
  • Now from the internet tab, select Static from the pop-up menu. For Subset Mask, IPv4 Address and Router, type, and
  • Choose Off in thee Network Mode popup menu which is in Wireless tab.
  • Select NAT and DHCP from the Router popup menu in the Network tab.
  • From Disks Tab, click on checkbox named Shared Disks over the WAN box.
  • Press Update and you need to wait for the Time Capsule until rebooting.
  • Twig the cable from Time Capsule LAN capsule port to the WAN port.
  • Open the system preference pane on your Mac system.
  • If it is in closed position, then enter administration password in order to open it.
  • Choose Thunderbolt ethernet adapter from the list of adapter.
  • In the configuration pane, enter the menu items as follows: IPv4 Address:, Subnet Mask: and Router left blank.
  • Press Apply. It enables you to mount Time Capsule drive as an ethernet like any networked drive.