Tips to Increase Battery Life MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is one of the updated product of Apple Inc. It is the portable laptop works with Macintosh operating system and it is used to save different kind of files and folders. MacBook Pro is the replacement model of MacBook G4. Sometimes, MacBook Pro users face low battery backup in their laptop this is because of various issues. There are several tips and tricks to boost up MacBook Pro battery life.

Install updates applications: MacBook Pro users need to install advanced and updated software on their laptops or computer that will assist you get the best likely battery life. In order to view the battery life just update is offered for your PC or laptop,  then click on the “Apple” logo from the menu bar and choose the “Software Update” option, or try to open the App Store. And finally, click on the “Updates” tab to see the battery life of MacBook Pro.

Check battery status: You need to check the condition of your MacBook Pro battery. In order to check this hold the option key from the computer keyboard and then select on the battery icon on the top of the menu bar. A “Normal” rating for battery is what you will positively view and not a “Replace soon” warning. You can find three options to repair the latter: purchasing a new laptop or computer, need to contact Apple about resolving your existing one, or you have to replace with new battery at your own risk.

Older models of MacBook has a removable battery, which made it so easy and simple to replace it. Nowadays, latest models of MacBook Pro computer contains removable battery but normal users cannot able to open it easily.

Show battery percentage:

A MacBook Pro laptop has advanced feature that you can able to view the battery percentage just you need to enable it and it indicates the battery percentage. But this won’t really increase or boost up your battery life, it will create or allow it to monitor easily. In order to enable the percentage of the battery indicator, just click on the battery icon on the top right-hand corner of the menu and then choose the “Show percentage” option.

Dim the display: You can decrease the brightness of the MacBook Pro as same as mobile phone. When you disconnect the power cable from the Mac laptop it allows to dim the brightness below the half of the normal screen.